1. Cavities
2. Pits
3. Breaches
4. Apertures
5. Interstices
6. Fissures
7. Orifices
8. Crannies
9. Chasms
10. Clefts
11. Cracks
12. Crevices
13. Divots
14. Gaps
15. Gorges
16. Grooves
17. Holes
18. Inlets
19. Lacerations
20. Notches
21. Openings
22. Perforations
23. Punctures
24. Rent
25. Rifts
26. Slits
27. Slots
28. Spaces
29. Thoroughfares
30. Voids

Finding the right word to use in your writing can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many synonyms for the word “holes” that can help you express yourself more accurately and effectively. From “cavities” to “voids”, these words can provide the best ideas for a variety of contexts. Whether you’re writing a poem or a research paper, having a variety of synonyms for “holes” at your disposal can help you find the perfect word for your needs. Here are some of the best synonyms for “holes”: cavities, pits, breaches, apertures, interstices, fissures, orifices, crannies, chasms, clefts, cracks, crevices, divots, gaps, gorges, grooves, inlets, lacerations, notches, openings, perforations, punctures, rent, rifts, slits, slots, spaces, thoroughfares, and voids.