1. Antiquated
2. Archaic
3. Bygone
4. Classical
5. Traditional
6. Ancient
7. Old-Fashioned
8. Prehistoric
9. Timeless
10. Primitive
11. Legendary
12. Mythic
13. Aged
14. Dated
15. Obsolete
16. Outdated
17. Extinct
18. Past
19. Olden
20. Outmoded
21. Perennial
22. Hoary
23. Long-Standing
24. Enduring
25. Antediluvian
26. Quaint
27. Retro
28. Primogenial
29. Preceding
30. Time-Honored

When trying to find the best ideas for other words for «historical», it’s important to consider the context in which the word is being used. If the context is more specific, such as a certain era or event, then more specific terms may be more appropriate. For example, if the context is the American Revolutionary War, then words like «patriotic» or «revolutionary» may be more fitting than «archaic» or «obsolete». Additionally, if the word is being used in a more general sense, then terms like «antiquated» or «aged» may be more suitable. Ultimately, it’s important to consider the context when selecting synonyms for «historical» to ensure that the most appropriate words are used.