1. Chronology
2. Annals
3. Records
4. Narrative
5. Account
6. Tale
7. Report
8. Saga
9. Tradition
10. Recital
11. Story
12. History
13. Heritage
14. Memory
15. Past
16. Relic
17. Antiquity
18. Legacy
19. Chronicle
20. Autobiography
21. Biography
22. Reminiscence
23. Recollection
24. Retrospect
25. Retrospection
26. Memorabilia
27. Archive
28. Register
29. Reminder
30. Tradition

When searching for words to describe the past, there are many synonyms to choose from. For those who are looking for the best ideas for other words for “hist”, there are many options. Chronology, annals, records, narrative, account, tale, report, saga, tradition, recital, story, history, heritage, memory, past, relic, antiquity, legacy, chronicle, autobiography, biography, reminiscence, recollection, retrospect, retrospection, memorabilia, archive, register, reminder, and tradition are all great alternatives. Each one of these words can be used to describe the past in a unique way, making them great options for those who are looking for synonyms for “hist”.