Synonyms for Himalayan:

1. Himalayan Mountains
2. Abode of Snow
3. Snowy Range
4. Abode of the Gods
5. Third Pole
6. Roof of the World
7. White Mountain Range
8. World’s Highest Mountain Range
9. The Great Himalayas
10. The Himalaya
11. The Third Pole
12. The Snowy Mountains
13. The Great Divide
14. The High Himalaya
15. The High Mountains
16. The White Mountains
17. The Great White Range
18. The Sacred Mountains
19. The Celestial Mountains
20. The Heavenly Mountains
21. The Snow-Capped Peaks
22. The Abode of Snow
23. The Himalayan Mountains
24. The Great Himalayan Range
25. The High Himalayan Range
26. The Sacred Himalayas
27. The Himalayan Range
28. The High Mountains of Asia
29. The High Peaks of the Himalayas
30. The Himalayan Peaks

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