Synonyms for “Highway”:

1. Road
2. Byway
3. Parkway
4. Motorway
5. Thoroughfare
6. Expressway
7. Turnpike
8. Freeway
9. Route
10. Autobahn
11. Avenue
12. Boulevard
13. Drive
14. Lane
15. Street
16. Viaduct
17. Autobus
18. Causeway
19. Cruise
20. Cruiseway
21. Ferryway
22. Flyway
23. Highwayway
24. Link
25. Motorcade
26. Passage
27. Path
28. Speedway
29. Track
30. Trail

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “Highway”? There are many great ideas to consider when searching for the best synonyms for “Highway”. Some of the top synonyms for “Highway” include Road, Byway, Parkway, Motorway, Thoroughfare, Expressway, Turnpike, Freeway, Route, Autobahn, Avenue, Boulevard, Drive, Lane, Street, Viaduct, Autobus, Causeway, Cruise, Cruiseway, Ferryway, Flyway, Highwayway, Link, Motorcade, Passage, Path, Speedway, Track, and Trail. All of these words are great alternatives for the word “Highway” and can be used to enhance your writing. Whether you need a synonym for a creative writing project or for a more formal document, these words are sure to add a unique flair to your work.