1. Protagonist
2. Leading lady
3. Warrior
4. Valiant
5. Star
6. Savior
7. Champion
8. Crusader
9. Paladin
10. Paragon
11. Defender
12. Hero
13. Valiant one
14. Luminary
15. Achiever
16. Prime mover
17. Trailblazer
18. Inspiration
19. Icon
20. Saint
21. Benefactor
22. Role model
23. Idol
24. Superwoman
25. Primadonna
26. Valkyrie
27. Liberator
28. Deliverer
29. Shero
30. Exemplar

When looking for other words for heroine, there are many ideas to consider. A heroine is someone who is admired for their courage, strength, and determination. Synonyms for heroine include words such as protagonist, leading lady, warrior, and valiant. Other words that could be used to describe a heroine include star, savior, champion, crusader, paladin, paragon, and defender. All of these words are great ideas to use when looking for another word for heroine. Additionally, words such as luminary, achiever, prime mover, trailblazer, inspiration, icon, saint, and benefactor can be used to describe a heroine. Finally, words such as role model, idol, superwoman, primadonna, valkyrie, liberator, deliverer, shero, and exemplar can be used to convey the heroic qualities of a heroine. No matter which word is used to describe a heroine, they are all great ideas to use when looking for the best synonyms for heroine.