1. Droves
2. Flocks
3. Congregations
4. Clans
5. Tribes
6. Clusters
7. Multitudes
8. Crowds
9. Hosts
10. Swarms
11. Armies
12. Posse
13. Gangs
14. Companies
15. Packs
16. Bands
17. Colonies
18. Gatherings
19. Broods
20. Hordes
21. Legions
22. Clots
23. Troops
24. Coves
25. Heaps
26. Clusters
27. Bevies
28. Crowds
29. Assemblages
30. Flotillas

Finding the perfect synonym for the word «herds» can be a daunting task. With so many options, it is easy to get overwhelmed. To make the search easier, here is a list of the best ideas for synonyms for «herds». Droves, flocks, congregations, clans, tribes, clusters, multitudes, crowds, hosts, swarms, armies, posse, gangs, companies, packs, bands, colonies, gatherings, broods, hordes, legions, clots, troops, coves, heaps, clusters, bevies, crowds, assemblages, and flotillas are all excellent alternatives for the word «herds». With this comprehensive list, you are sure to find the perfect synonym for your needs. Whether you are looking for a single word or multiple words to describe a group of animals, this list of synonyms for «herds» will help you find the perfect fit for your writing.