1. Grasped
2. Gripped
3. Seized
4. Controlled
5. Captured
6. Possessed
7. Clutched
8. Retained
9. Secured
10. Embraced
11. Maintained
12. Ensured
13. Protected
14. Clung
15. Restrained
16. Constrained
17. Managed
18. Commanded
19. Governed
20. Regulated
21. Clasped
22. Held fast
23. Withheld
24. Checked
25. Repressed
26. Suppressed
27. Detained
28. Confined
29. Curtailed
30. Hemmed in

When you’re looking for other words for “held”, you’ll find plenty of great ideas. Synonyms for the word “held” include “grasped”, “gripped”, “seized”, and “controlled”, among many others. You can also find words like “clutched”, “retained”, “secured”, and “embraced”. Other words for “held” include “maintained”, “ensured”, “protected”, and “clung”. The best ideas for synonyms for “held” include “restrained”, “constrained”, “managed”, “commanded”, and “governed”. You can also find words like “regulated”, “clasped”, “held fast”, “withheld”, and “checked”. Finally, you can use words like “repressed”, “suppressed”, “detained”, “confined”, “curtailed”, and “hemmed in”. With so many synonyms for “held”, you’ll never run out of ideas.