1. Core
2. Breast
3. Center
4. Bosom
5. Soul
6. Love
7. Affection
8. Emotion
9. Feeling
10. Passion
11. Ardor
12. Zeal
13. Ardency
14. Devotion
15. Fervor
16. Intensity
17. Sentiment
18. Tenderness
19. Compassion
20. Sympathy
21. Kindness
22. Benevolence
23. Empathy
24. Generosity
25. Humanity
26. Spirit
27. Conviction
28. Conviction
29. Conviction
30. Resolve

When looking for the best ideas and other words for «heart», there are many synonyms that can be used. From «core» and «breast» to «sentiment» and «tenderness», there are a variety of words that can be used to express the same emotion. Other words that can be used to express this emotion include «love», «affection», «emotion», «passion», «zeal», and «ardency». These words all evoke a sense of warmth and caring, which is often associated with the word «heart». Additionally, words such as «compassion», «sympathy», «kindness», «benevolence», «empathy», «generosity», «humanity», «spirit», and «conviction» are also great synonyms for «heart». All of these words can be used to express the same emotion, and can be used to convey a deep sense of caring and understanding.