1. Listen
2. Perceive
3. Discern
4. Take in
5. Detect
6. Grasp
7. Notice
8. Register
9. Accept
10. Acknowledge
11. Apprehend
12. Comprehend
13. Become aware of
14. Pick up
15. Make out
16. Understand
17. Detect
18. Hearken
19. Hear out
20. Heed
21. Learn
22. Make note of
23. Note
24. Observe
25. Pay attention
26. Recognize
27. Sense
28. Take heed
29. Tune in
30. Keep ears open

Looking for synonyms for the word «hear»? We have the best ideas for you. Whether you need other words for «hear» or another word for «hear», we have 30 synonyms for you to choose from. Our list of synonyms for «hear» include: listen, perceive, discern, take in, detect, grasp, notice, register, accept, acknowledge, apprehend, comprehend, become aware of, pick up, make out, understand, detect, hearken, hear out, heed, learn, make note of, note, observe, pay attention, recognize, sense, take heed, tune in, and keep ears open. We hope this list of synonyms for «hear» helps you find the perfect word to express yourself.