1. Cephalalgia
2. Cranial pain
3. Brain pain
4. Neuralgia
5. Pounding head
6. Migraine
7. Throbbing head
8. Pulsing head
9. Intense headache
10. Acute headache
11. Severe headache
12. Head pain
13. Cranial ache
14. Occipital headache
15. Frontal headache
16. Temporal headache
17. Vertex headache
18. Stress headache
19. Tension headache
20. Stress-related headache
21. Pressure headache
22. Sinus headache
23. Exertional headache
24. Cluster headache
25. Sinusitis headache
26. Post-traumatic headache
27. Occipital neuralgia
28. Cervicogenic headache
29. Facial pain
30. Nuchal pain

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