1. Aloha State
2. Paradise
3. Isles of the Blest
4. Land of the Rainbow
5. Isles of Perpetual June
6. The Happy Isles
7. The Sandwich Isles
8. The Pineapple Isles
9. Big Island
10. Maui
11. Kauai
12. Oahu
13. Molokai
14. Lanai
15. Niihau
16. Kaho’olawe
17. The Friendly Isles
18. The Youngest State
19. The Last Frontier
20. The Pacific Paradise
21. The Land of Aloha
22. The Land of Volcanoes
23. The Kingdom of Hawaii
24. The Home of the Rainbow
25. The Pearl of the Pacific
26. The Polynesian Paradise
27. The American Mediterranean
28. The Queen of the Pacific
29. The Garden Isle
30. The World’s Most Remote Island Chain

When looking for synonyms for the word «Hawaii», some of the best ideas are to use words that evoke the beauty and natural wonders of the islands. Words like «Paradise», «Isles of the Blest», and «Land of the Rainbow» capture the essence of the Hawaiian Islands and its lush tropical scenery. Other words like «The Happy Isles», «The Sandwich Isles», and «The Pineapple Isles» reference the unique culture and cuisine of the islands. For those looking for a more specific reference, «Big Island», «Maui», «Kauai», and «Oahu» are all names of individual islands within the Hawaiian archipelago. Finally, words like «The Kingdom of Hawaii» and «The Land of Aloha» are great reminders of the rich history and heritage of the Hawaiian people.