1. Plagues
2. Obsesses
3. Follows
4. Lingers
5. Stalks
6. Pursues
7. Dogs
8. Harasses
9. Menaces
10. Persecutes
11. Preys
12. Torments
13. Troubles
14. Hovers
15. Invades
16. Lurks
17. Pesters
18. Pursues
19. Rides
20. Shadows
21. Stays
22. Waits
23. Worries
24. Bedevils
25. Besets
26. Besieges
27. Disturbs
28. Molests
29. Nags
30. Harries

Finding the right synonym for a particular word can be challenging. When searching for a synonym for the word «haunts», there are many options to consider. From «plagues» to «harries», there are a variety of words that can be used to convey the same meaning. Whether you are looking for the best word to use in a creative writing project or trying to find the perfect phrase for a speech, there are many ideas to explore. With a list of 30 synonyms for the word «haunts», you can find the perfect phrase to express the exact meaning you are looking for. From «obsesses» to «nags», you can find the best word for your project. Other words for «haunts» can help you to create the perfect phrase for any situation.