1. Swift
2. Prompt
3. Quick
4. Speedy
5. Immediate
6. Instant
7. Expeditious
8. Rapid
9. Hasty
10. Breakneck
11. Expeditive
12. Snappy
13. Fleet
14. Fast
15. Express
16. Accelerated
17. Brisk
18. Nimble
19. Quickened
20. Alacritous
21. Flying
22. Hurried
23. Hurtle
24. Perfunctory
25. Precipitate
26. Precipitous
27. Promptitude
28. Snatch
29. Sprightly
30. Vigorous

When you need to find a word quickly to replace the word «Hast», some of the best ideas are to use synonyms. Synonyms for «Hast» include swift, prompt, quick, speedy, immediate, instant, expeditious, rapid, hasty, breakneck, expeditive, snappy, fleet, fast, express, accelerated, brisk, nimble, quickened, alacritous, flying, hurried, hurtle, perfunctory, precipitate, precipitous, promptitude, snatch, sprightly, and vigorous. With so many different words to choose from, it’s easy to find the right one to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a word that conveys speed or urgency, there’s a synonym for «Hast» that will work perfectly.