1. Own
2. Possess
3. Command
4. Contain
5. Bear
6. Retain
7. Occupy
8. Harbor
9. Possess
10. Wield
11. Enjoy
12. Exercise
13. Administer
14. Govern
15. Operate
16. Commandeer
17. Compel
18. Accommodate
19. Harbor
20. Maintain
21. Exercise
22. Dispose
23. Employ
24. Utilize
25. Employ
26. Manage
27. Practice
28. Impose
29. Exercise
30. Possess

When you are looking for other words or synonyms for the word «has,» you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best ideas for synonyms for «has» that will make your writing more interesting and unique. Some of the top synonyms for «has» include own, possess, command, contain, bear, retain, occupy, harbor, wield, enjoy, exercise, administer, govern, operate, commandeer, compel, accommodate, maintain, dispose, employ, utilize, manage, practice, impose, and possess. By using these synonyms in your writing, you can create a more engaging and thought-provoking piece of text.