Synonyms for «HARDSHIP»:
1. Difficulty
2. Affliction
3. Misfortune
4. Calamity
5. Adversity
6. Tribulation
7. Hardship
8. Woe
9. Cross
10. Burden
11. Misery
12. Oppression
13. Peril
14. Pressure
15. Strife
16. Struggle
17. Tribulation
18. Trouble
19. Turmoil
20. Wretchedness
21. Affliction
22. Distress
23. Disturbance
24. Heartache
25. Misfortunes
26. Plight
27. Quandary
28. Torment
29. Tribulation
30. Trial

Searching for synonyms for the word «hardship» can be a difficult task. However, there are many great ideas and other words for «hardship» that can be used to describe difficult situations. Examples of synonyms for «hardship» include difficulty, affliction, misfortune, calamity, adversity, tribulation, woe, cross, burden, misery, oppression, peril, pressure, strife, struggle, trouble, turmoil, wretchedness, affliction, distress, disturbance, heartache, misfortunes, plight, quandary, torment, tribulation, and trial. Each of these words can be used to accurately and effectively describe difficult situations and hardships. With these synonyms, you can easily communicate the idea of hardship without having to use the same word over and over again.