Synonyms for “HANDS”:
1. Palms
2. Fists
3. Digits
4. Grasps
5. Claws
6. Paws
7. Clutches
8. Manacles
9. Grips
10. Mitts
11. Grabs
12. Appendages
13. Talons
14. Extremities
15. Limbs
16. Clasps
17. Holds
18. Clenches
19. Talons
20. Clutches
21. Clinches
22. Hands
23. Digits
24. Grabs
25. Claws
26. Clasps
27. Grasps
28. Manacles
29. Paws
30. Extremities

When looking for other words for “HANDS”, there are many options to choose from. Whether one is looking for a more descriptive word or a more casual term, they can find the perfect synonym. For a more descriptive word, choices such as “Palms”, “Fists”, “Digits”, “Grasps”, “Claws”, “Paws”, “Clutches”, “Manacles”, “Grips”, and “Mitts” are great options. If one is looking for a more casual term, “Grabs”, “Appendages”, “Talons”, “Extremities”, “Limbs”, “Clasps”, “Holds”, “Clenches”, “Talons”, “Clutches”, “Clinches”, and “Hands” are all great ideas. With so many options available, it is easy to find the perfect synonym for the word “HANDS”.