1. Experienced
2. Possessed
3. Endured
4. Partaken
5. Undergone
6. Occupied
7. Achieved
8. Beheld
9. Availed
10. Procured
11. Engaged
12. Completed
13. Suffered
14. Partook
15. Relished
16. Enjoyed
17. Undertook
18. Endured
19. Accomplished
20. Accrued
21. Attained
22. Acquired
23. Celebrated
24. Tasted
25. Participated
26. Reaped
27. Rejoiced
28. Savored
29. Ventured
30. Savored

When trying to come up with other words for «had», there are many options to choose from. Synonyms can help to add variety to writing and can make it easier to express a certain sentiment or emotion. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for «had» include experienced, possessed, endured, partaken, undergone, occupied, achieved, beheld, availed, procured, engaged, completed, suffered, partook, relished, enjoyed, undertook, endured, accomplished, accrued, attained, acquired, celebrated, tasted, participated, reaped, rejoiced, savored, ventured, and savored. These words all have similar meanings to «had» and can be used in a variety of contexts.