Synonyms for Gypsum:

1. Plaster
2. Calcium sulfate
3. Stucco
4. Anhydrite
5. Chalk
6. Alabaster
7. Lime
8. Selenite
9. Satin spar
10. Bassanite
11. Gypsite
12. Selenite
13. Terne
14. Casts
15. Statuary
16. Ornamental
17. Plaster of Paris
18. Moldings
19. Coarse
20. Ornamentation
21. Modeling
22. Ornamental work
23. Castings
24. Statues
25. Figurines
26. Friezes
27. Sculptures
28. Wallboard
29. Gyproc
30. Drywall

Finding the right synonym for gypsum can be difficult, as it can mean different things in different contexts. When looking for other words for gypsum, it is important to consider the type of project you are working on. Depending on the project, you may need a more specific word such as plaster of Paris or selenite. For more general purposes, other words such as alabaster, chalk, and stucco may be better options. When it comes to decorative projects, terms like friezes, casts, and sculptures are the best ideas. For construction projects, drywall, wallboard, and gyproc are the best words to use. No matter what type of project you are working on, the right synonym for gypsum can be found.