1. Directing
2. Instructing
3. Showing
4. Teaching
5. Mentoring
6. Leading
7. Counseling
8. Advising
9. Demonstrating
10. Steering
11. Pacing
12. Guiding Light
13. Illuminating
14. Pivoting
15. Navigating
16. Pointing
17. Charting
18. Illuminating
19. Piloting
20. Supervising
21. Instructing
22. Instructive
23. Pointing the Way
24. Showing the Way
25. Showing the Path
26. Showing the Route
27. Showing the Direction
28. Pointing the Direction
29. Pointing the Route
30. Pointing the Path

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “guiding”? Synonyms for guiding include directing, instructing, showing, teaching, mentoring, leading, counseling, advising, demonstrating, steering, pacing, guiding light, illuminating, pivoting, navigating, pointing, charting, piloting, and supervising. Other words for guiding include instructive, pointing the way, showing the way, showing the path, showing the route, showing the direction, pointing the direction, pointing the route, and pointing the path. Whether you’re looking for words to describe leading, teaching, or navigating, these synonyms for guiding can help you find the perfect phrase.