1. Direct
2. Lead
3. Instruct
4. Show
5. Navigate
6. Coach
7. Pilot
8. Shepherd
9. Steer
10. Escort
11. Facilitate
12. Counsel
13. Manage
14. Supervise
15. Orient
16. Point the way
17. Illuminate
18. Chaperone
19. Accompany
20. Maintain
21. Monitor
22. Advise
23. Instruct
24. Guidepost
25. Preside
26. Acclimate
27. Assist
28. Help
29. Pilot
30. Usher

Finding the best synonyms for the word “guide” can be tricky, but with a few ideas it can be done. Whether you’re looking for other words for “guide”, synonyms for “guide”, or just need some ideas, the list above is a great place to start. From “direct” and “lead” to “pilot” and “usher”, this list of 30 synonyms for “guide” will help you find the perfect word for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a word to describe a leader, instructor, or navigator, this list of synonyms for “guide” will have you covered.