Synonyms for Growing:

1. Expanding
2. Increasing
3. Developing
4. Advancing
5. Rising
6. Augmenting
7. Extending
8. Progressing
9. Growing up
10. Blooming
11. Accruing
12. Strengthening
13. Amplifying
14. Ampliation
15. Inflating
16. Maturing
17. Swelling
18. Flourishing
19. Increasingly
20. Uprising
21. Unfolding
22. Sprouting
23. Thriving
24. Burgeoning
25. Upgrading
26. Climbing
27. Accumulating
28. Prolonging
29. Inching
30. Spreading

When looking for ways to describe the process of something getting bigger or more advanced, there are many different synonyms that can be used. Some of the best ideas for words that can be used to describe growth are expanding, increasing, developing, advancing, rising, augmenting, and extending. Other words for growing include progressing, growing up, blooming, accruing, strengthening, amplifying, ampliation, inflating, maturing, swelling, flourishing, increasingly, uprising, unfolding, sprouting, thriving, burgeoning, upgrading, climbing, accumulating, prolonging, inching, and spreading. All of these are excellent words to use when talking about something that is growing in size, complexity, or importance.