Synonyms for «GROW»:

1. Expand
2. Develop
3. Increase
4. Swell
5. Augment
6. Accrue
7. Proliferate
8. Amplify
9. Mature
10. Evolve
11. Amplify
12. Cultivate
13. Burst
14. Accumulate
15. Strengthen
16. Ripen
17. Flourish
18. Multiply
19. Sprout
20. Germinate
21. Surge
22. Rise
23. Thrive
24. Progress
25. Blossom
26. Blossom forth
27. Increase in size
28. Increase in number
29. Grow up
30. Grow into

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult, but there are many synonyms for the word «grow» that can help you get your point across. Whether you need to describe a physical change, a gradual development, or a rapid increase, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Some of the best synonyms for «grow» include expand, develop, increase, swell, augment, and proliferate. For more creative ideas, consider words such as mature, evolve, amplify, cultivate, burst, and accumulate. With so many other words for «grow», you can find the perfect phrase to express what you’re trying to say.