1. Clans
2. Collectives
3. Congregations
4. Congruences
5. Constituencies
6. Coterminous
7. Crowds
8. Divisions
9. Flocks
10. Gangs
11. Herds
12. Hoards
13. Hosts
14. Legions
15. Multitudes
16. Partitions
17. Platoons
18. Posses
19. Sets
20. Societies
21. Squads
22. Tribes
23. Troops
24. Units
25. Aggregates
26. Clusters
27. Conglomerates
28. Congregates
29. Assemblies
30. Confederations

Looking for synonyms for the word “groups”? Look no further! Here are the best ideas for other words for groups. Group synonyms include clans, collectives, congregations, congruences, constituencies, coterminous, crowds, divisions, flocks, gangs, herds, hoards, hosts, legions, multitudes, partitions, platoons, posses, sets, societies, squads, tribes, troops, units, aggregates, clusters, conglomerates, congregates, and assemblies. No matter what type of group you’re looking for, there’s a perfect word for it. Whether you’re looking for a word to describe a large gathering of people or a small group of friends, there’s a perfect group synonym for your needs. So if you’re searching for the perfect word to describe a group, look no further than this list of group synonyms.