1. Aquifer
2. Subterranean Water
3. Subsurface Water
4. Well Water
5. Artesian Water
6. Phreatic Water
7. Perched Water
8. Seepage Water
9. Percolation Water
10. Subsoil Water
11. Spring Water
12. Groundwater Reservoir
13. Aquiferous Water
14. Permeable Water
15. Aquiclude Water
16. Confined Aquifer
17. Unconfined Aquifer
18. Recharge Water
19. Baseflow Water
20. Infiltration Water
21. Capillary Water
22. Upwelling Water
23. Perched Aquifer
24. Permeable Aquifer
25. Vadose Water
26. Water Table
27. Water Bed
28. Perched Zone
29. Groundwater Flow
30. Aquifer Storage

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