1. Foundation
2. Base
3. Anchoring
4. Foundation
5. Support
6. Stabilization
7. Root
8. Subsidence
9. Underpinning
10. Bottom
11. Substrate
12. Substratum
13. Bottommost
14. Bottommost level
15. Subfloor
16. Subsoil
17. Bed
18. Substratum
19. Footing
20. Basement
21. Earth
22. Bottom
23. Basal
24. Fixed point
25. Establishment
26. Establishment of
27. Nourishment
28. Support
29. Anchor
30. Establishing

When looking for synonyms for the word “grounding”, the best ideas are to explore words that convey the idea of a foundation, support, and stability. Words such as foundation, base, anchoring, support, stabilization, root, subsidence, underpinning, bottom, substrate, substratum, bottommost, bottommost level, subfloor, subsoil, bed, substratum, footing, basement, earth, bottom, basal, fixed point, establishment, nourishment, support, anchor, and establishing are all great synonyms for grounding. All of these words can be used to describe the concept of grounding and provide a solid foundation for further exploration.