1. Clasp
2. Hold
3. Grasp
4. Clench
5. Seize
6. Clutch
7. Embrace
8. Squeeze
9. Clench
10. Take
11. Cling
12. Grasp
13. Grab
14. Catch
15. Secure
16. Fondle
17. Handle
18. Support
19. Grasp
20. Encircle
21. Possess
22. Retain
23. Sustain
24. Appropriate
25. Appropriate
26. Clench
27. Clench
28. Take
29. Clutch
30. Clasp

Searching for synonyms for the word “grip” can be a useful exercise for writers, speakers, and students alike. Whether you’re looking for a word to express a strong grasp or a gentle embrace, there are many alternatives to the word “grip”. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “grip”. Clasp, hold, grasp, clench, seize, clutch, embrace, squeeze, take, cling, grab, catch, secure, fondle, handle, support, encircle, possess, retain, sustain, appropriate, and more. These words can help you express exactly what you mean in any situation. Whether you’re writing a story, giving a speech, or just looking for a word to express a strong hold, these synonyms for “grip” are sure to help.