1. Smiling
2. Grinning broadly
3. Chuckling
4. Chuckling heartily
5. Grinning from ear to ear
6. Beaming
7. Smirking
8. Laughing
9. Giggling
10. Grinning mischievously
11. Simpering
12. Grinning sheepishly
13. Grinning cheekily
14. Grinning slyly
15. Grinning impishly
16. Grinning widely
17. Grinning playfully
18. Chuckling merrily
19. Grinning delightedly
20. Grinning knowingly
21. Grinning gleefully
22. Grinning happily
23. Grinning joyfully
24. Grinning contentedly
25. Grinning triumphantly
26. Grinning broadly
27. Grinning jubilantly
28. Grinning affectionately
29. Grinning in delight
30. Grinning in amusement

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “grinning”? There are plenty of ideas out there to help you find the best other words for this expression. Whether you are looking for a synonym to use in writing, or you just want to expand your vocabulary, here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “grinning”. Smiling, chuckling, grinning broadly, beaming, smirking, laughing, giggling, grinning mischievously, simpering, grinning sheepishly, grinning cheekily, grinning slyly, grinning impishly, grinning widely, grinning playfully, chuckling merrily, grinning delightedly, grinning knowingly, grinning gleefully, grinning happily, grinning joyfully, grinning contentedly, grinning triumphantly, grinning broadly, grinning jubilantly, grinning affectionately, grinning in delight, and grinning in amusement.