1. Expanded
2. Augmented
3. Expatiated
4. Progressed
5. Blossomed
6. Flourished
7. Magnified
8. Swelled
9. Burgeoned
10. Mounted
11. Broadened
12. Sprouted
13. Developed
14. Advanced
15. Grew up
16. Multiplied
17. Increased
18. Accumulated
19. Grew bigger
20. Spread
21. Amplified
22. Ripened
23. Elevated
24. Intensified
25. Inflated
26. Swelled up
27. Skyrocketed
28. Upgraded
29. Augmented
30. Grew in size

When trying to find the best ideas for words that have the same meaning as “grew”, there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for the word “grew” can include “expanded”, “augmented”, “progressed”, “blossomed”, and “flourished”. Other words that can be used to describe the concept of growth are “magnified”, “swelled”, and “burgeoned”. Additionally, phrases such as “grew up”, “multiplied”, “increased”, and “accumulated” can be used to describe the idea of something growing. For a more creative approach, try using words such as “spread”, “amplified”, “ripened”, and “inflated”. Finally, phrases like “grew bigger”, “swelled up”, “skyrocketed”, “upgraded”, “augmented”, and “grew in size” can also be used to describe the concept of growth. All of these words and phrases are great ideas for finding other words for “grew”.