1. Nibbled
2. Nipped
3. Cropped
4. Gnawed
5. Browsed
6. Devoured
7. Mowed
8. Munched
9. Chomped
10. Rasped
11. Consumed
12. Chewed
13. Nuzzled
14. Nipped off
15. Nested
16. Grazed upon
17. Nipped off
18. Nipped at
19. Chawed
20. Foraged
21. Picked
22. Gnawed on
23. Mowed down
24. Bit
25. Chewed on
26. Rasped off
27. Devoured on
28. Consumed off
29. Browsed off
30. Nuzzled on

When looking for another word for «grazed», there are many ideas to consider. Synonyms for this word include nibbled, nipped, cropped, gnawed, browsed, devoured, mowed, munched, chomped, rasped, consumed, chewed, nuzzled, nipped off, nested, grazed upon, nipped at, chawed, foraged, picked, gnawed on, mowed down, bit, chewed on, rasped off, devoured on, consumed off, browsed off, and nuzzled on. All of these words can be used to describe grazing, and can be a great way to add more variety to your writing. When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for «grazed», it is important to consider the context of the sentence, and the tone that you are trying to convey. By doing this, you can ensure that you are using the most appropriate words for the situation.