1. Allowed
2. Sanctioned
3. Permitted
4. Authorized
5. Acceded
6. Endorsed
7. Affirmed
8. Admitted
9. Okayed
10. Endowed
11. Conceded
12. Ratified
13. Facilitated
14. Confirmed
15. Approved
16. Countenanced
17. Agreed
18. Assented
19. Sanctioned
20. Licensed
21. Favored
22. Acknowledged
23. Certified
24. Cleared
25. Recognized
26. Assured
27. Endorsed
28. Conferred
29. Permitted
30. Granted

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word “granted”? Look no further! This comprehensive list of 30 synonyms for granted will help you find the perfect word to fit your needs. From allowed and sanctioned to permitted and authorized, this list provides a variety of words to choose from. Whether you’re writing a formal document or having a casual conversation, you’ll find the right word for the job. Other words for granted include acceded, endorsed, affirmed, admitted, and okayed. Take some time to explore the list and find the word that best fits your context. With these synonyms for granted, you’ll be able to express yourself more clearly and effectively.