1. Departed
2. Absent
3. Vanished
4. Flew
5. Evaporated
6. Withdrew
7. Fled
8. Retreated
9. Escaped
10. Eloped
11. Disappeared
12. Removed
13. Vacated
14. Exited
15. Passed
16. Endured
17. Perished
18. Retired
19. Quit
20. Lost
21. Absented
22. Absconded
23. Evicted
24. Gone away
25. Withdrawn
26. Withstood
27. Passed away
28. Relinquished
29. Retired from
30. Extinguished

When searching for alternate words for “gone”, the best ideas are to think of words that imply movement or disappearance. Synonyms such as “retreated”, “escaped”, or “absconded” can be used to replace “gone” when describing something that has left a place or situation. Other words such as “departed”, “absented”, or “evicted” can be used when referring to someone who has left a particular place or situation. In addition, words like “withdrew”, “withstood”, or “relinquished” can be used to describe someone who has given up or relinquished something. Finally, words such as “vanished”, “perished”, or “extinguished” can be used to describe something that has disappeared or been destroyed. No matter the situation, there are plenty of synonyms for “gone” that can be used to accurately describe any situation.