1. Precious metal
2. Wealth
3. Riches
4. Valuable
5. Fortune
6. Shine
7. Glitter
8. Amber
9. Bullion
10. Treasure
11. Yellow
12. Gilt
13. Coin
14. Currency
15. Plating
16. Brilliance
17. Luster
18. Gleaming
19. Ductility
20. Alloy
21. Carat
22. Ingot
23. Nugget
24. Radiance
25. Shine
26. Sparkle
27. Wealth
28. Metal
29. Gilding
30. Metal of Kings

When looking for synonyms for the word «gold», you will find a plethora of ideas and best words to choose from. There are a variety of other words and phrases to use in place of gold such as precious metal, wealth, riches, valuable, fortune, shine, glitter, amber, bullion, treasure, yellow, gilt, coin, currency, plating, brilliance, luster, gleaming, ductility, alloy, carat, ingot, nugget, radiance, shine, sparkle, wealth, metal, gilding, and metal of kings. All of these words and phrases offer a unique way to describe the precious metal of gold. Whether you are writing a story, poem, or article, these synonyms for gold can help you to capture the beauty and power of this precious metal.