1. Mahatma
2. Sage
3. Philosopher
4. Leader
5. Activist
6. Icon
7. Visionary
8. Statesman
9. Reformer
10. Legislator
11. Politician
12. Nationalist
13. Orator
14. Humanitarian
15. Educator
16. Social Reformer
17. Patriot
18. Social Worker
19. Activist
20. Social Crusader
21. Social Revolutionary
22. Social Uplifter
23. Revolutionary
24. Social Activist
25. Social Thinker
26. Social Reformer
27. Social Visionary
28. Social Reformer
29. Social Revolutionary
30. Social Change Agent

Searching for the best ideas and other words for Gokhale? Look no further. Gokhale was a renowned Mahatma, Sage, Philosopher, Leader, Activist, Icon, Visionary, Statesman, Reformer, Legislator, Politician, Nationalist, Orator, Humanitarian, Educator, Social Reformer, Patriot, Social Worker, Social Crusader, Social Revolutionary, Social Uplifter, Revolutionary, Social Activist, Social Thinker, Social Reformer, Social Visionary, Social Reformer, Social Revolutionary, and Social Change Agent. He was a leader of the Indian Nationalist Movement and one of the founders of the Indian National Congress. He was a champion of the people and a key figure in the Indian struggle for independence. Gokhale was a great social reformer, who not only fought for the rights of the poor and downtrodden, but also worked for the upliftment of the Indian society. He was a great visionary, who laid the foundation for the modern India. He was a great leader, who inspired many and was respected by all. Gokhale was a great man, who will be remembered for generations to come.