1. Shiny
2. Lustrous
3. Sleek
4. Radiant
5. Gleaming
6. Shiny
7. Lustre
8. Glassey
9. Gloss
10. Velvety
11. Polished
12. Satiny
13. Reflective
14. Smooth
15. Silky
16. Glossed
17. Glossy-coated
18. Glossy-finished
19. Glossy-surfaced
20. Glaring
21. Glimmering
22. Glinting
23. Glistening
24. Gleaming
25. Sparkling
26. Vivid
27. Bright
28. Dazzling
29. Shiny-surfaced
30. Shiny-coated

Finding synonyms for the word «glossy» can be difficult, as it has a wide range of meanings. Whether you are looking for a word to describe the glossy finish of a magazine cover or the glossy sheen of a polished wood surface, there are a variety of words you can use to express the same idea. For the best ideas, try using words like shiny, lustrous, sleek, radiant, gleaming, lustre, glassey, gloss, velvety, polished, satiny, reflective, smooth, silky, and glossed. These words all convey the same concept of a glossy surface, but each has a slightly different nuance that can help you express exactly what you are looking for.