1. Splendid
2. Magnificent
3. Grand
4. Stunning
5. Luxurious
6. Impressive
7. Elegant
8. Glitzy
9. Resplendent
10. Gorgeous
11. Flamboyant
12. Opulent
13. Glittering
14. Radiant
15. Dazzling
16. Refined
17. Fancy
18. Flair
19. Showy
20. Exquisite
21. Extravagant
22. Vibrant
23. Flaunting
24. Glorious
25. Charming
26. Spectacular
27. Stately
28. Glowing
29. Sumptuous
30. Alluring

Looking for the perfect word to describe something that is luxurious and attractive? Synonyms for the word glamorous can help you find the right word to describe the beauty and elegance of a situation. From splendid to magnificent, grand to stunning, there are many other words for glamorous that can help you express your ideas. Whether you are looking for a fancy, flamboyant, or opulent word to express your thoughts, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. From glitzy to resplendent, gorgeous to glittering, you will be able to find the best word to describe the beauty and grandeur of a situation. Whether you need a radiant, dazzling, or refined word, there are plenty of synonyms for glamorous to choose from.