1. Donating
2. Contributing
3. Allocating
4. Endowing
5. Granting
6. Bestowing
7. Offering
8. Furnishing
9. Presenting
10. Dispensing
11. Supplying
12. Handing
13. Disbursing
14. Bequeathing
15. Conveying
16. Allotting
17. Allowing
18. Yielding
19. Subsidizing
20. Apportioning
21. Bestirring
22. Parting
23. Partitioning
24. Sharing
25. Allowing
26. Ceding
27. Giving away
28. Presenting
29. Transmitting
30. Assigning

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “GIVING”, one should look no further than this comprehensive list of 30 words. From donating to partitioning, this list provides a variety of other words for the term “GIVING”. Whether you are looking for the most appropriate synonym for a particular context, or simply want to broaden your vocabulary, this list is sure to provide you with the best ideas. With a diverse selection of words ranging from allocating to yielding, you are sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs.