1. Slum
2. Barrio
3. Projects
4. Tenements
5. Ghetto-like
6. Urban blight
7. Hood
8. Shantytown
9. Poor area
10. Inner city
11. Run-down neighborhood
12. Low-income district
13. Gritty area
14. Deprived area
15. Disadvantaged zone
16. Rough area
17. Troubled area
18. Dilapidated area
19. Squalid neighborhood
20. High-crime area
21. Underserved area
22. Ghetto-esque
23. Mean streets
24. War zone
25. Ghettoized
26. Disenfranchised area
27. Gang-ridden area
28. Derelict neighborhood
29. Gangland
30. No-go area

When searching for synonyms for the word ‘ghetto’, it can be difficult to find the best ideas. There are many words that can be used to describe a ghetto, but it can be hard to know which words are the most appropriate. This list of 30 synonyms for the word ‘ghetto’ can help you find the right word for your needs. From ‘slum’ and ‘barrio’ to ‘projects’ and ‘tenements’, this list contains a variety of words that can be used to accurately describe a ghetto. Whether you’re looking for other words for ‘ghetto’ or the best synonym for the word, this list has you covered.