Synonyms for GESTURES:
1. Movements
2. Signs
3. Expressions
4. Postures
5. Signals
6. Actions
7. Symbols
8. Poses
9. Mannerisms
10. Attitudes
11. Indications
12. Displays
13. Salutes
14. Mimicry
15. Demonstrations
16. Mime
17. Signs of recognition
18. Salutations
19. Sign language
20. Gesticulations
21. Facial expressions
22. Grimaces
23. Cues
24. Symbolic behavior
25. Communicative behavior
26. Nonverbal communication
27. Body language
28. Signals of recognition
29. Symbolic acts
30. Symbolic communication

When looking for the best ideas for expressing yourself without words, there are a variety of synonyms for the word «gestures» that can be used. These include movements, signs, expressions, postures, signals, actions, symbols, poses, mannerisms, attitudes, indications, displays, salutes, mimicry, demonstrations, mime, signs of recognition, salutations, sign language, gesticulations, facial expressions, grimaces, cues, symbolic behavior, communicative behavior, nonverbal communication, body language, signals of recognition, symbolic acts, and symbolic communication. All of these words can be used to express yourself without the need for verbal communication.