Synonyms for «Geometrical»:

1. Angular
2. Symmetrical
3. Regular
4. Formal
5. Structured
6. Exact
7. Precise
8. Methodical
9. Shaped
10. Balanced
11. Proportional
12. Measured
13. Systematic
14. Orthogonal
15. Geometric
16. Geomantic
17. Geodesic
18. Quadrate
19. Quadrilateral
20. Rectilinear
21. Rhomboid
22. Cubic
23. Triangular
24. Pentagonal
25. Hexagonal
26. Heptagonal
27. Octagonal
28. Nonagonal
29. Decagonal
30. Circular

When looking for alternative words to describe something geometrical, there are many ideas to consider. Synonyms for geometrical can be found in a variety of forms, from angular and symmetrical to regular and formal. Other words for geometrical might include structured, exact, precise, methodical, shaped, balanced, and proportional. The best ideas for words that describe something geometrical are those that are systematic, orthogonal, geometric, geomantic, geodesic, or quadrate. When trying to find the perfect word to describe something geometrical, it’s important to consider all of the different options available. From quadrilateral and rectilinear to rhomboid and cubic, there are a variety of synonyms for geometrical that can help to accurately describe the shape or form of an object.