1. Earth Science
2. Mineralogy
3. Seismology
4. Rock Science
5. Stratigraphy
6. Palaeontology
7. Petrology
8. Soil Science
9. Geomorphology
10. Volcanology
11. Structural Geology
12. Geochemistry
13. Plate Tectonics
14. Hydrogeology
15. Sedimentology
16. Geophysics
17. Glacial Geology
18. Engineering Geology
19. Petroleum Geology
20. Ore Geology
21. Paleoecology
22. Geochronology
23. Geodynamics
24. Marine Geology
25. Geoprospection
26. Geotechnical Engineering
27. Crystallography
28. Geostatistics
29. Climatology
30. Geotechnics

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