Synonyms for GENTLE:

1. Tender
2. Soft
3. Kind
4. Mild
5. Considerate
6. Benign
7. Lenient
8. Gracious
9. Easygoing
10. Affable
11. Compassionate
12. Sympathetic
13. Amiable
14. Placid
15. Agreeable
16. Genial
17. Courteous
18. Amicable
19. Reasonable
20. Forbearing
21. Humane
22. Tolerant
23. Understanding
24. Docile
25. Pliable
26. Lenitive
27. Placable
28. Diplomatic
29. Polite
30. Diplomatic

When searching for other words for the word “gentle”, there are many options available. From tender and soft to kind and mild, the best ideas are to use words that convey a sense of understanding and compassion. Considerate, lenient, and gracious are all great choices that evoke a sense of friendliness and politeness. Amiable, agreeable, and genial are other excellent words to use when looking for synonyms for “gentle”. For those seeking words that are less common, lenitive, placable, and diplomatic are all excellent alternatives. No matter which word you choose, it is important to remember that the best ideas for synonyms for “gentle” are those that convey a sense of kindness and understanding.