1. Assembly
2. Congregation
3. Meeting
4. Get-together
5. Reunion
6. Congruence
7. Rendezvous
8. Congeries
9. Conglomeration
10. Confluence
11. Convocation
12. Coterie
13. Forum
14. Group
15. Junction
16. League
17. Mob
18. Mustering
19. Rally
20. Rendition
21. Round-up
22. Social
23. Solicitation
24. Summit
25. Symposium
26. Symposia
27. Throng
28. Troop
29. Union
30. Cluster

If you’re looking for a synonym for the word “gathering”, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a formal word or a more casual one, you can find the best ideas here. From assembly to union, this list provides 30 different words to choose from. Whether you are looking for a word to use in a formal setting or a more casual one, there is something for everyone. From congeries to throng, you can find the perfect synonym for your purpose. With this list, you can easily find the word that best fits your needs.