1. Vapor
2. Fumes
3. Exhaust
4. Effluvium
5. Puff
6. Cloud
7. Exhalation
8. Breath
9. Expulsion
10. Exudation
11. Discharge
12. Emanation
13. Fumes
14. Miasma
15. Nictitation
16. Reek
17. Scent
18. Smog
19. Steam
20. Stench
21. Vapors
22. Volatilize
23. Efflux
24. Off-gassing
25. Evaporation
26. Emission
27. Distillation
28. Sublimation
29. Fractional distillation
30. Boiling

Looking for synonyms for the word «gas»? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we have compiled the best ideas for synonyms for gas. Whether you’re looking for another word for gas, other words for gas, or just some ideas for synonyms, we have you covered! Some of the most popular synonyms for gas include vapor, fumes, exhaust, effluvium, puff, cloud, exhalation, breath, expulsion, exudation, discharge, emanation, miasma, nictitation, reek, scent, smog, steam, stench, vapors, volatilize, efflux, off-gassing, evaporation, emission, distillation, sublimation, fractional distillation, and boiling. With this comprehensive list of synonyms, you’re sure to find the perfect word for your needs!