1. Plots
2. Grounds
3. Patios
4. Orchards
5. Flora
6. Plantations
7. Groves
8. Parterres
9. Lawns
10. Arboretums
11. Terraces
12. Meadows
13. Botanical
14. Hanging baskets
15. Topiaries
16. Greenhouses
17. Conservatories
18. Allotments
19. Borders
20. Plant beds
21. Flowerbeds
22. Plantings
23. Green spaces
24. Meadows
25. Courtyards
26. Herbs
27. Plant pots
28. Vegetable patches
29. Plant life
30. Vegetable gardens

If you’re looking for the best ideas for other words for gardens, you’ll find a wealth of synonyms to choose from. From plots and grounds to patios and orchards, you can find a variety of terms for gardens. For a more botanical approach, look to flora, plantations, groves, and parterres. You can also consider lawns, arboretums, terraces, meadows, and hanging baskets. If you’re looking for something more intricate, try topiaries, greenhouses, conservatories, allotments, borders, and plant beds. Finally, for a more natural look, consider flowerbeds, plantings, green spaces, courtyards, herbs, plant pots, vegetable patches, plant life, and vegetable gardens.