1. Contest
2. Match
3. Competition
4. Challenge
5. Tournament
6. Amusement
7. Recreation
8. Sport
9. Gamble
10. Pastime
11. Diversion
12. Recreation
13. Activity
14. Entertainment
15. Pursuit
16. Recreation
17. Recreation
18. Pastime
19. Fun
20. Frolic
21. Play
22. Jest
23. Joke
24. Prank
25. Frolic
26. Caprice
27. Lark
28. Gambol
29. Toy
30. Hobby

Are you looking for the best ideas of synonyms for the word “game”? There are many other words that can be used to describe the concept of a game. Synonyms such as match, competition, challenge, tournament, amusement, recreation, sport, gamble, pastime, diversion, activity, entertainment, pursuit, fun, frolic, play, jest, joke, prank, caprice, lark, gambol, toy, and hobby are all great alternatives to the word game. Whether you’re looking for a synonym for a game of cards, a board game, or a physical activity, there are many options to choose from.