Synonyms for Furniture:

1. Accoutrement
2. Apparatus
3. Fixtures
4. Fittings
5. Gear
6. Implements
7. Articles
8. Appliances
9. Appurtenances
10. Accouterments
11. Requisites
12. Effects
13. Equipment
14. Paraphernalia
15. Furbishings
16. Furbelows
17. Rigging
18. Trappings
19. Fitting-out
20. Fixtures and Fittings
21. Furnishings
22. Knickknacks
23. Moveables
24. Necessaries
25. Odds and Ends
26. Provisions
27. Trappings
28. Utensils
29. Frippery
30. Goods

When looking for the best ideas for furnishing your home, it’s important to consider the many synonyms for furniture. Other words for furniture include accoutrement, apparatus, fixtures, fittings, gear, implements, articles, appliances, appurtenances, accouterments, and requisites. Effects, equipment, paraphernalia, furbishings, furbelows, rigging, trappings, fitting-out, fixtures and fittings, furnishings, knickknacks, moveables, necessaries, odds and ends, provisions, trappings, utensils, frippery, and goods are all synonyms for furniture. With so many different words for furniture, you can be sure to find the perfect pieces for your home.