1. Incensed
2. Enraged
3. Wrathful
4. Indignant
5. Raging
6. Irate
7. Fuming
8. Infuriated
9. Boiling
10. Outraged
11. Choleric
12. Ferocious
13. Tempestuous
14. Furious
15. Vindictive
16. Vehement
17. Furious
18. Frenzied
19. Frantic
20. Berserker
21. Boisterous
22. Fierce
23. Violent
24. Wild
25. Excited
26. Hot
27. Uproar
28. Stormy
29. Agitated
30. Intense

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for the word ‘Furious’? Look no further! There are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe the feeling of being furious. Whether you are feeling incensed, enraged, wrathful, indignant, raging, irate, fuming, infuriated, boiling, outraged, choleric, ferocious, tempestuous, vehement, frenzied, frantic, berserker, boisterous, fierce, violent, wild, excited, hot, uproar, stormy, agitated, or intense, there is a word that accurately describes the feeling. No matter the situation, there is a perfect synonym for the word ‘Furious’ that can be used to express your feelings.