1. Essential
2. Basic
3. Primary
4. Crucial
5. Necessary
6. Key
7. Significant
8. Central
9. Important
10. Vital
11. Imperative
12. Indispensable
13. Preeminent
14. Prevalent
15. Essentialist
16. Primary-most
17. Paramount
18. Primitive
19. Underlying
20. Groundwork
21. Initial
22. Ground
23. Basal
24. Backbone
25. Core
26. Origin
27. Basis
28. Root
29. Substratum
30. Foundation

When trying to understand a concept, it is important to identify the fundamental aspects of it. Knowing the synonyms for the word “fundamental” is a great way to ensure that you have a full understanding of the concept. Having a list of the best ideas and other words for “fundamental” can help you gain a better understanding of the concept. Synonyms such as essential, basic, primary, crucial, necessary, key, significant, central, important, and vital are all useful words to understand the concept. Other words such as imperative, indispensable, preeminent, prevalent, essentialist, primary-most, paramount, primitive, underlying, groundwork, initial, ground, basal, backbone, core, origin, basis, root, substratum, and foundation can also be used to further understand the concept.