1. Reserve
2. Cache
3. Treasury
4. Capital
5. Endowment
6. Subsidy
7. Grant
8. Allocation
9. Allowance
10. Financing
11. Stash
12. Coffer
13. Pool
14. Backing
15. Fundament
16. Credit
17. Contribution
18. Accumulation
19. Investment
20. Reserve
21. Subscription
22. Subvention
23. Benefaction
24. Donation
25. Reserve fund
26. Scholarship
27. Reimbursement
28. Endowment fund
29. Benefice
30. Endowment

When you are looking for synonyms for the word «FUND», there are many ideas to consider. The best words to use are reserve, cache, treasury, capital, endowment, subsidy, grant, allocation, allowance, financing, stash, coffer, pool, backing, fundament, credit, contribution, accumulation, investment, subscription, subvention, benefaction, donation, reserve fund, scholarship, reimbursement, endowment fund, benefice, and endowment. Each of these words can be used to describe the concept of a fund, and they all have slightly different meanings. Understanding the nuances of each word can help you to effectively communicate the concept of a fund in a variety of contexts.